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Sermon in Shoes

Obion County Marching Band, Troy, Tennessee

Sermon in Shoes – 1994

     The Obion County High School Marching Band was wearing their new uniforms for the first time. On their home field, they were marching a special show, exclusively for the parents. It was Friday night, one week before they would march for the state finals.

     As the show drew to a conclusion the band was given a standing ovation by the cheering, exultant crowd of parents and friends.  As the band turned and began marching off the field, we were able to see the 30 or so pair of empty shoes left behind by the seniors. They had decided to leave behind a part of themselves to live on forever at their alma mater. 

     One senior, Jamie, could not have known that this would be his final band show, his last march, his last day on earth.  He died in a tragic car accident the next morning.

      Six months later when I attended a band banquet, one of the students mentioned the night they left their shoes on the field.  As I reflected upon the events of that tragic weekend, I contemplated the brevity of life.  None of us knows when we will have marched our final show on this earth. 

     Lord, help me as I journey through life to walk in such a way as to be pleasing to You.  Help me to encourage those who walk beside me, and to leave behind steady footprints for those who follow.  May my life be a sermon in shoes that will testify of the love of Jesus, and radiate a joy and kindness that can only come from You. Amen.

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