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That’s Just the Way it is

            On Tuesday evening, May 15, 2010, Connor, our 8-year-old grandson called to tell us he had become a Christian.  What a joy to hear his simple declaration.  His voice was bold, and strong. “Nonna, tonight I got saved.  My daddy said the words and I said them after him.”  We explained that we were his grandparents, but now that He was a Christian, we both had the same Father, so he was our brother in the Lord.  With great confidence in his voice, he replied, “that’s just the way it is with God.”  What a precious, eternal journey he has begun.

            I think now of another young boy; one from ancient history.  He too was just eight-years-old.  The Bible says that “Josiah, when he was eight years old, became the King.  He did that which was right in the sight of the Lord”.  He opened Gods Word, read it to the people and because of Gods Word being heard, people were changed.  History was changed.

            And now, Connor, our brother in the Lord, and our grandchild by birth, hundreds of years later, having heard the Word of the Lord, has had his life changed. Forever, he is a child of the King.  Sometimes on this new journey, just as it was for Josiah, the journey will be hard, and perhaps a bit difficult to listen to the voice of the Lord.  The wonderful thing is, God has promised us when we trust in Him with all our hearts, acknowledge Him in all our ways, He will direct our paths. That’s just the way it is with God.

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