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July 4 Sweet Land of Liberty

My Dear Precious Children and grandchildren,
                Nearly 11 years have come and gone since September 11, 2001 when I first wrote this letter to you.  As we celebrate the freedom of America today, there will be fireworks, music, family gatherings, and moments of remembrance.  It is for this reason; I again post this letter I wrote to the three of you, with a slight change.  Today I desire to share it with a larger audience.
                I can’t seem to get very far beyond the great sadness about New York and about the events upon our nation.  True, the fighting is far from our home right now, but it is our army of Americans that are in harms way for the next many years.  In trying to encapsulate the source of my grief, I find myself weeping for my Aunt Hallie who lost her only son, Buddy, in defense of my freedom.  I grieve for every mother, and father, son or daughter, brother or sister, uncle or aunt, grandparent…who has lost a loved one in defense of American freedoms.  I weep for the Patriots who brought to life the reality of America, for the soldiers and the families who were more than actors in the unfolding saga of “Saving Private Ryan.”  I weep for my friend who lost his dad at Hiroshima.  Sadness fills my heart for all those I have known and loved who were impacted during the Vietnam era.  I grieve for the losses felt eternally at Pearl Harbor, and now the thousands of thousands who are personally impacted by the terrorist attacks on September 11. I grieve for the thousands still being impacted around the world in the war against terrorism wherever it is being fought.
                I grieve, yes, but I refuse to be paralyzed by that grief.  I refuse to remain afraid of the future.  I rise above my grief, and numbness, and my stunned horror, because I am an American.  My flag waves freely on a lighted pole in my yard.  I rejoice and find a song victoriously erupting each time I see old glory.  “America, America, God shed His grace on thee…”  The price all those who have sacrificed their lives and the lives of their loved ones, has been too great to do otherwise. 
                Today, I will relish life with renewed enthusiasm, zest, awareness.  I will be creative and rejoice in the friendships and pleasures this day unfolds before me.  I will embrace the beauty of myAmerica.  I will really see when I look at the hillsides, the colors of the fall, and the sunsets.  I will hear the birds song, the rippling brook, the droplets of rain upon the earth, and the voices of the little people around me as they explain things they are experiencing.  I will laugh more heartily with my friends, and I will cry more openly with those who weep. I will pray more earnestly for my world.  I will say more often to my own children, I love you!!!  I wish only the best for you, you and your precious families.  I desire to see you all rise and shine and give God glory through your life.  I pray that God will make of you the persons He had in mind when He gave you the gift of His breath of life. Today I will celebrate the lives of  the families God has blessed you with.  I will celebrate our grandchildren.  Live life fully.  Live it abundantly.  Live it humbly, and obediently.  It’s His gift to you.  It is limited.  He holds the key to its longevity.  Use it wisely, as I pray I also will do from this moment forward.

I love you, my dear children, and grandchildren,


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