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Ouch, that hurt!

From my Camper Window
by Ritchie Hale

     Today there are huge piles of debris and clippings all around our campground.  Paul has been at it again!  This reminded me of a time last year when I watched him work quietly and methodically topping the trees across the street.  The trees had grown tall, lush, and were gently blowing in the breeze.  I thought they were beautiful as they were; so naturally I had to go ask Paul about his work.  “Paul, will those trees grow back?”  Without missing a clip, he responded, “They always have before.  I do this every year.”  Paul has been tending these trees and the landscape here at Williston Crossings almost since they were first planted.  His hands are accustomed to knowing which to cut back and when the time is right to do so. Indeed, he is an experienced gardener.

     As I sat in church on Sunday and heard my pastor, who is also my husband, speak from the text in John 15, I was reminded of the thoughts I had entertained while watching Paul a few days earlier.  In the Bible passage, God, the chief garden keeper of His children, often pinches prunes, thins, and tops in order to grow stronger and more abundant plants.  If I was that plant, and had the capacity to understand what was happening to me, I’m sure I would resent and feel pain in the process.  However, after the process, I would be stronger and better equipped to face life’s many trials.
Life has a way of bringing to us a cycle of growth, periods of blowing gently in the breeze, and then harsh realities of serious pruning.  I’m glad to know God is a Master Gardener, and will take those painful moments I may experience, bring forth new lush growth, and in the process,  make me a stronger plant than I could ever have imagined.

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