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Lessons from a Play Land Date


At a fast food restaurant the other day, I watched several children playing on the indoor play-land.  The laughter and rowdy childhood commotion were all indicators that they were having a wonderful time.  Several years ago, my little three-year-old grandson was on a play-land inFulton,Kentucky, and he was NOT having a good time.  I was out on an adventure with him – just the two of us.  When he began to tug on my hand and drag me toward the enormous play-land, I knew he was going to have a huge adventure – I just didn’t now how big!  His eyes shone with excitement as he spied out all the wonders that were there just ahead of him.

            It wasn’t long before he was high into the many mazes and tunnels that the play land offered his adventurous spirit.  Suddenly from deep within the cavernous twists and turns, I heard his little far-away voice timidly calling out, “Nonna, I want you.”  Then began the crying, “Nonna, I WANT you!” 

            I was calling out to him directions to come to the window so I could direct him to an exit tunnel, but by then he was wailing out in utter panic, “Non-na, Nonna, Nonna!” Because of a back injury, I was physically unable to get to him other than to continue calling out to him comforting words – but he was hearing none of it. 

            About that time a young boy, about 10 or 11 years old came into the play area with his mother.  “Ma’am, do you mind if your son does a rescue for me?”  I instructed the boy to go find Connor, and to ignore his resistance.  Even if Connor might scream and carry on, he was to take his hand and pull him to the exit tunnel and give him a gentle push to begin his descent.  The boys’ eyes expressed apprehension, but his mother nodded that it would be okay.

            As the little boy approached my grandson, the screams of terror rose to a deafening level as he screamed out, “no, no, no, no, no, no!”  And then he emerged from the slide and fell into my awaiting arms of comfort!

            How like I am oft times in the adventure of life when I get caught up in the excitement and enticement of an adventure, only to discover that I have become lost in the midst of it. I feel paralyzed and unable to extract myself.  I am balled up in a corner wailing out my pain and fear.  Then suddenly, circumstances beyond my control push me…straight into the loving arms of my Good Shepherd.

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