The Breath of Life

little hands on Luke for blog-BW

In January 1999, I was a student in a college class on the campus of Murray State University.  One of the books we were reading suggested that “we read to become more human.”  As I pondered this concept, I let my mind tinker with that thought.  Can one do anything to become , more or less human?  Is the pursuit of this thought a mere exercise in playing word games, or is there a core philosophy at the heart of the matter?

Is there any particular activity that can be engaged in, or a journey that can be embarked upon that would make a dog more, or less, a dog, or a pig, more or less a pig?   Can a cow by eating more grass, producing more milk, or winning more blue ribbons at the county fair, be more a cow?  I think not.

Animals may produce more, show better, and have finer health because of the circumstances around them, but the fact remains that they are all the dog, pig, or cow they were born to be.  So it is that I believe a human is born every bit as human as she or he will ever be.

God created mankind uniquely different from all other creations – “in the image of God”.  He purposed to make human beings.  There was not an evolving process.  God set His plan for humans into motion at the creation of the world.  After forming Adam from the dust of the ground which He had created, “He breathed into man the breath of life”.   That was “in the beginning.”  We are human, because God created us to be so.  No amount of activity or action can cause us to be more, or less the human God designed us to be.

Often when we are not in touch with our humanity, we may behave like a snake in the grass, a shark, or a skunk.  We may refer to
a person as being a dog, or a pig.   We all have choices as to what sort of behavior we will manifest, but we are nonetheless, human, by origin.    We are unique in His creation as the caretakers of the world.  We have the special privilege and ability to commune with the Creator.  He gave us the highest gift of communication, “a living soul.”  Communication is intricately meshed with the gift of being human. In the perfection of His creation God took evening walks with His first created humans, Adam and Eve, therefore giving to us a model of the importance of communication with each other, and with Him.  He placed within our very soul the need to be heard, to understand each other, to feel emotions, and to share those emotions with other human beings.

When Luke, my grandson (pictured above) was born, his life was no surprise.  God formed him, shaped him, and had a particular plan for his little life.  He came into the world seven years ago today, welcomed by his parents, big brother and sister, grandparents, and extended family.  We were all completely awed by his tiny little body, his soft skin, and precious smile. He was born fully human and uniquely fashioned to take his place in this world.  He was and is God’s masterpiece.  He has a heart that desires to know His Creator better with each passing day.  His laughter, his smile, his zest for living, and his unique manner of embracing life is what it is all about in being human.

As I read the Bible and recognize God to be the awesome Creator and Master Designer, I get just a glimpse of His heart.  He had a particular plan, purpose, and design when He created the first man, Adam.  Nothing has changed.  His desire for each new person created in secret, designed while yet unseen,  is unique and specialized.  The more I read, the more precious this truth becomes.

What an uplifting and awesome truth to take hold of.  I am human, by design.  God made ME and He, the Creator of the universe, has a plan for my life.  Do you recognize this truth in your own life?  You are here by design and purpose.    I hope this precious truth will inspire you to be all He wants you to be.


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