Purposefully Made

For several years I had difficulty with my hands.  When finally I went to the doctor and had x-rays taken, he and I knew what course of action we should take.  It amazed my first- grade students to see this image and realize they were seeing the bones on the inside of my hand, and understanding more clearly how they all worked together to make the hand function.  I explained to them that God designed our bodies before we were ever born, and had a specific plan for our lives.  Seeing this x-ray helped them visualize that marvel.

It’s been almost a year now since having the surgery to correct the damage I had experienced, and I am thankful for the use that has been restored.  Until this surgery was performed, I was becoming increasingly limited in what my hands could accomplish.  Each day I have gained strength and agility, and I’m using them once again at almost maximum potential.  As I thought over the journey of this past year, I looked for this picture to post today.  When I see this image, I am always reminded of the verse, “…fearfully and wonderfully made…”.  With that thought as a backdrop, I wanted to share on this specific day a portion of my journal from January, 1999.

Jan, 1999
My dear friend of a lifetime of memories has shared with me that the brain tumor of three years ago has returned and is growing.  The doctors are unsure what to do, and I scarcely know what to say to her.  If she were here, I think the language of hugs and touches would say what I feel – but somehow words seem to get in the way.  I in Tennessee, she across the globe – the pain of empty words, faltering hopes, and meaningless platitudes seem to fill the thousands of miles with yet another pain – silence.  I know what she knows, she knows I know, yet the distance has bridled our tongues so only controlled words are exchanged.  Today I do not know what to say – maybe tomorrow the words will come – maybe not.

Perhaps my words are as insignificant to God as they are to her.  The language of love and hope really needs few words in the end.  Love between friends has a language that resonates from deep within the soul – as does communion with God.  Maybe “words” to say to my friend, and to God, are really unimportant. My heart aches. I pray.

April 11, 1999
My friend has been in and out of the doctor’s offices for the past several weeks.  The tumor that wasn’t supposed to grow back – did.  The doctor’s were glum.  They had scheduled a series of follow-up MRI’s at the end of March, and as each of the doctor’s talked with her about the results, they shook their heads.  They were puzzled…they couldn’t find the tumor.  It was gone!  They didn’t understand.  My friend explained to them, ” Many, many people have been praying for me.”

Since that time in her life so long ago, my friend has been able to continue, by God’s grace and in His  strength, to do the work He has called her to do.  Her heart has been abundantly filled with the love of many grandchildren, and the love of friends all around the world.

When I look at this simple x-ray of my hand, these are the memories that are conjured up of the intricacies of our bodies.  Each part, created by Him, and under His control. Our bodies are “fearfully and wonderfully made”, and “it is He who has made us, and not we ourselves.”

None of us have an unlimited time on the calendar of life, but by embracing the special design that God had when He created us  we can use whatever time we do have in praise and adoration for His gift of life.  My friend is celebrating her birthday today, and because I know her so well, I know she is rejoicing in an awesome Creator God who has made her, healed her, strengthened her, and given her yet another year of ministry.  Happy birthday, friend!

How are you celebrating the gift of God’s design in your life?  Why not make today a day of celebration for the awesome wonderful creation which is YOU?


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