I Can’t Hear You

IMG17                                          I TAN’T HEAR YOU!

“I tan’t hear you!!!!!”….My two-year-old grandson shouts this phrase loud, louder, and loudest as he     voices his complaint at my admonition for him to cease his whining. Finally, my silence causes his silence.  He then asks, “Nonna, what did you say?” I repeat quietly that he should stop whining and must speak to me in a nice voice.

His abhorrence to hear that which he doesn’t want to hear, brings a renewed second round of screaming out, “I tan’t hear you! He raises his voice over mine, screaming in protest from his car seat.  This chant continues until suddenly he realizes that I’m no longer listening to him.  In the silence, he giggles, “Nonna, I’m being silly, aren’t I?”  We laugh, and the adventure of Nonna and grandson continues.

We converse about things we are seeing on our adventure, until he suddenly begins singing loudly, “God is bigger than the boogie man.”  He sings verse after verse, each becoming more distorted as he experiments with the many possible sounds his little set of vocal cords can produce.  Finally the sound has become a gravelly whisper as he attempts to sound like a tiger.

As I listen to all these renditions of God is bigger… I am reflecting on the Psalmist, David, when he wrote, “what time I am afraid, I will trust in Thee (Psalm 56:3).  Perhaps we should quote that verse when we are frightened, or perhaps we should sing Connor’s little song about God being bigger than the Boogie Man.

Often when the boogie-men of my life get closer, I find that I do what Connor did in my car that day.  I yell out, “I tan’t hear you!”  I yell louder and louder as the boogie men surround me.  Soon I am just being silly because I discover that if I become quiet, I will discover the sweet silence after the raging fear-storm and realize that God is bigger than all the Boogie Men that Satan can send my way.

Sometimes Boogie Men have come at me physically in the monstrous rains and boisterous winds as in the case of  Tropical Storm Isaac.   Perhaps it has been the fear of today’s schedule of “to do’s” and “what ifs” that sit heavy on my heart and emotions.  Maybe I allow the dread of the future to  overwhelm me and leave me exhausted; unable to cope with the now.  Instances of sheer exhaustion have sometimes taken a toll and I desperately need rest.  Physical, emotional, and spiritual depletion may have left me without reserve to fight the boogie men that come crashing through my door.  It is then that I have discovered how to fight these oppressive boogie men. I need to be quiet.   I need to be still and  snuggle down in my quiet little place where God waits for my silence.  When I arrive…He is always there, just as He promised. And yes, God IS bigger than all the Boogie Men!

Have you got Boogie Men chasing you today?  Do you have a plan of attack?  Can you spend a little quiet time with God just listening for His voice of quiet assurance?


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Sue Sharer on February 1, 2014 at 9:31 am

    I needed to hear from God this morning by being still and listen to that precious still voice that always brings comfort. Thank you!


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