Just God and Me

Just God and Me

In the woods midst wind-tossed trees,
we feel such closeness,
as in the breeze
The sound of majestic timbers; cedars, Blow ceaselessly;
Just God and me.
The rustling, tarnished, dancing leaves,
Rushing with each new gust of fresh damp breeze
Made us understand, with no words uttered The others’ needs;
Just God and me.
Above my head, trees blowing with the wind
The stately cedars whisper,
while far below I sit in filtered sunlight, basking in the beauty of the moment
 …yes, still… just God and me.
How cherished these quiet times
When leaves rustle, trees whisper, distant birds call
When the sun pierces the forests’ density
… and all this when it touches me,
causes me to thank Him who created it all so I could stop and say,
it’ll always be, just God and me.

Written by Ritchie D. Hale 1978©


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