After the Sorrow – The Healing

             Today will be the funeral visitation for a dear friend, and we will experience sadness at his absence from our lives.  We as Christians have this hope that  according to scripture, “to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.”  Without a doubt, Bro. RB was prepared to make this journey from a physical realm into his eternal spiritual home of heaven, but we who must continue the journey without him will experience sadness, and sometimes, great sorrow.
             Death is universal, and all of us will ultimately experience it.  We all deal differently to the circumstances that are a part of the dying of a loved one, but for us who have traveled the road already, we know, healing will come.  Healing for some is a short process, for others, it may take a very long time.  There is not a set time that is “the right amount of time.”  The experience is personal.  It just takes time.
             In September, 1995, my mother, while out walking, was struck by an on-coming car.  She died just a few hours later.  During my grief process, there were times I thought I could not survive the emotional pain, and so I journaled.  One day as I was looking back across my journal entries, I discovered my heart was healing.   There are days, like today, that my heart is touched again by grief…and I desire to reach out and remind my dear friends , you aren’t alone.  We are all walking this road alongside you.  God is faithful to bind up the brokenhearted, and to heal the broken hearts.  Healing will come.

The Healing

Sad Days…
Sad Days… Good Minutes.
Sad Days, Good Hours.
Sad Days… Good Days.
Good Days, Sad Hours.
Good Days, Sad Moments
Good Days,
Painful Memories
Good Days,
Precious Memories
Good Days…

Written by Ritchie D. Hale 1996©


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  1. Beautiful! Did you write the poem? So poignant,,,,,,,,,


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