Breaking through Writer’s Block

         Blankness               It is a daunting task to face the blank page of a computer screen, a sheet of notebook paper, or a stretched canvas.  There it is.  Wanting nothing but the start.  How to start, and what to put there.  I cannot think of the beginning; yet my heart and head are unrequited with thoughts of creativity – and then the moment I attempt to begin – the blankness is overwhelming.
              I drive down the highway, away from the blankness of starting upon the blankness and my thoughts are bursting through at such a speed that I must steady my foot on the accelerator lest my thoughts cause my car to attempt to keep up.  The thoughts are flowing freely.  All I can think about is how quickly I must get to my computer, my paper, my canvas and give free rein to what is in my soul; allowing it to pour freely upon the page.
              I arrive home, go quickly to my desk, my studio, my place of retreat…and there it is; the blank page.  I wonder where the creativity has vanished away to.  I sit quietly a moment.  The voices of many mentors begin to permeate my thoughts.  Mom says, “Let’s get started.”  My husband encourages, “You can do it.”  Hallie reminds, “Begin where you are.”  Sharon admonishes, “Write it down…we want to read it.”  Voices everywhere.  I can do this…one stroke on the keyboard, one stroke with my paint brush, and I have begun.
             Time vanishes away. Creativity pours itself out and floods across the blankness.  Hours have been swallowed in time, but I am unaware.  There is no longer blankness.  I have begun. —–


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