Tabernacle at Williston Crossings

Williston Crossings RV Resort Pavillion at Dusk

I live in an RV Resort.  The management calls this place the “pavilion”.  It is here that events are held; weddings, dances, cookouts, family reunions – whatever the residents want to host. 
              For me in the quiet of the early dusk hour, I gaze upon this place as a tabernacle in the woods.  I am far removed from Williston as I witness the spectacular beauty of “the tabernacle” and remember another tabernacle from my youth.  It was there at the Camp Joy Bible Conference in Brownsville, Kentucky that every August from 1963 until 2000, I spent an activity-packed weekend with teens from across the nation.  My first weekend I myself was only a child; my last, I was the mother of three grown children. 
              What beautiful memories of the quiet times spent on those hillsides, and then the trek down into the valley to sit in the tabernacle for the evening-time of preaching and singing.  As the night-time gathered her orchestration of crickets, tree-frogs, and the lonely hoot of an owl, the light slowly faded from the horizon.  The worshippers were surrounded in a cocoon of night-time fog.  The dampness of dew was refreshing after the heat of the day.
           Many of the decisions which have directed my paths, and brought purpose to my life, were made in that old tabernacle.  Tonight, just seeing this beauty before me here at Williston, I have joy in remembering.


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