The Anchor Holds

        Sometimes when I read about the disciples in the boat in the midst of the storm… I have to wonder what they REALLY felt like. Were they sick at their stomachs?  Did they really think that their lives were going to end?  Was the threat of being devoured by creatures under the waves a biggie?  They said they were afraid unto death.  Is that the same phrase we use today to convey that we’re “scared to death’?  How was it when Jesus stepped into the boat and the storm stopped?  When Jesus calmed the seas? When He said “Peace be still” and the storm stopped.  Have you ever been in a storm that caused that panic in your heart?
             I grew up in Miami, Florida, and was regularly out on a small boat far out at sea, fishing.  On several occasions the sky would grow dark, the rain would pelt down on us, and the waves would rise.  Oft’ times the waves would be so high that our little vessel would seem to be but a toy in a bathtub but the captain was unruffled.  He consoled our frightened hearts that this was not truly a storm, just rough seas.  We always made land, and there was not really any threat.  On other occasions I would go down to the beach to watch the surf as the warnings of hurricanes began to crackle on the weather stations.  There was really no danger at that point…the storm was still many hours from land fall…but the waves, the sky, the rain, the darkness…oh, I would not have wanted to be upon those seas in a little boat. 
            On September 22, 1995, when my mother was struck and killed by an oncoming car, I myself became the little boat out upon the raging sea.  I was battered and tossed around like I was a tub-toy being played with by a toddler.  There were no actual waves, and no visible storms.  But the storm was real! The waves were the most violent this boat had ever experienced.  I was tossed about and yanked against the chain that held the anchor until my boat was almost torn apart.  But God made the boat, He was the Anchor, and the Anchor held. 
           I don’t know what type of storm you may be experiencing today, but my prayer for you is that you, too, may find in Christ a solid Rock, a secure Anchor, and a safe Harbor.


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