Songs of My Heart

Songs of My Heart

             Across the still waters, atop a wooded hill, A bird takes flight   
The  sounds of night are ushered in.

My heart sings. 

Waves end at the shore of their new beginnings,
The setting sun throws its warm rays across my back

Shadows gather in an ever-changing design of gold-touched gray
on the slopes leading to the lake,

My heart sings.

“Be quiet, private thoughts”, “be still, selfish goals and ambition.” –
God is moving in and through His wondrous works.

I stand in awe of His creations

My heart sings. 

God is here – I feel his presence.
Wonder is all about me – my voice is silent, I cannot speak.

beauty,  wonder,  majesty,  greatness, smallness

God hears
He understands with no words uttered

And my heart sings.


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