July 9 I Want that Mountain

On a journey several years ago, we took a few turns into the country that soon led us up into a very desolate place on the side of a mountain. There was no place to turn around, and the edges of the gravel road were crumbling rock, steeply dropping down into canyons where we knew we didn’t want to slide. Since we could only go forward, we began to joke with each other about ways to eat an elephant (one bite at a time) were similar to the ways we would conquer our mountain – one mile at a time. Before the sun set, we had truly conquered our mountain and had enjoyed the adventure. Though there were a few harrowing moments as we wound along the circuitous “path”, we actually made it to the other side of the snow covered mountain just as the sun was setting. How like my Christian life as I see obstacles before me, dangers beside me, and no retreat behind me, to feel alone and helpless. But just as we took that mountain 1 mile at a time, we can claim our victories a day at a time. I need to have that “I can” attitude spoken about in Philippians 4:13 when Paul said, “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.”


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