July 5 We Will Serve the Lord

The Roger Lee Oldham Family – Easter 1958
Langdale Baptist Church, Langdale, Alabama

           Mom and Dad; committed servants, precious parents, diligent workers – and human instruments.  God chose the two of them in 1947, to become the parents of Karen(1949), Ritchie(1951), Mahala(1952), and Sing(1955).  Mom and Dad had one desire for the four of us.  That we would “love the Lord God with all our heart, soul, and mind (Matthew 22:37).  From these young beginnings, each of us came to understand our need for a Savior, and have daily chosen to walk in His paths. 
          When Joshua challenged the children of Israel to “choose this day whom ye will serve”, those parents of old had to make a decision.  The decision wasn’t an easy one then, and isn’t always an easy one today.  However, the personal sacrifices are always worth the effort.
          Having visited Langdale so recently,  I am reminded that my parents, though imperfect vessels, had a perfect desire and prayer for each of their children. God honored that desire.  Today I reflect  upon the past, and I thank God for my future, because of the choices of my parents; Roger and Glendora Oldham.


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  1. I still can’t believe Grandmother was able to make so many outfits for you guys on her budget!


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