Lessons in the Play Doh

                Last night as I lay in bed, the words of Norman Clayton, written in 1957, came to mind and I began to sing them quietly to myself.  I suddenly was transported to a time when I was 16, and doing the same thing.  I sang myself to sleep.  I believe the singing may have been a bit croaky- sounding, and muffled as I lay upon my pillow, but God hearing the sincerity of my heart, heard a glorious melody of praise and surrender.

Only to be what He wants me to be,
Every moment of every day,
Yielded completely to Jesus alone
Every step of this pilgrim way.
Just to be clay in the Potter’s hands,
Ready to do what His will demands
Only to be what He wants me to be,
Every moment of every day.

            This morning as I went about my teaching job with the youngsters God has placed in my class, I allowed each of them to have a canister of playdoh and design a small turtle.  Pretty soon they had added to the original creation; a pond, food bowls, clothing, and an array of other necessary items for their “pet turtles”.  I watched as they bent over the intricate sculptures and carefully moved the pieces around to fashion the exact vision of their creative minds. They used instruments of pain to gouge, shape, and cut away extra parts.  Little hands squeezed, pounded, and flattened the wads of multiple colors until they saw the results they desired.

            Father, how very serious I am in my desire to be that pliable in Your hands as You fashion me into the image of Your dear Son.  Bring into my life those experiences that will transform me and then conform me into that which is pleasing unto You, because I seek “only to be what You want me to me, every moment of every day.”


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