Special Credentials

       Many years ago my husband and I flew into the airport where our son was working ramp.  It was a long walk from where we landed to the lot where his car was parked.  Seeing the pain registered on my face from my weak knee, and the limp, he suddenly changed course.  We stepped through a gate and began crossing the tarmac.  Almost immediately a security guard approached us with questions about our presence in this area.  My son lifted the ID badge that hung around his neck, and without further question, we were given clearance to proceed to our destination. 
       Each time I arrive home via theGainesvilleRegionalAirport, I see the warning sign and think of that day on the tarmac with my son.
       In my son, I had privilege.  In my son, I had passage.  In my son, I had entrance to a secured location.  Apart from him, I would have had none of this.  I walked across the tarmac into “authorized personnel only” areas, totally accepted because of my association with my son.  I had no credentials on my own.  My dependence was totally in him.
       This is the way I will walk into heaven someday; not because of personal credential package.  There is nothing that I can do, or not do; that will gain me entrance in that city of God.  I will come just as every other person – with no privilege apart from walking with the Son.  It is He who will say to God, “it’s okay, she’s with me.”


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