In the off season….

By Ritchie Hale 2009
from my camper window – a monthly column of Willison Crossings RV Resort Park

When we first arrived at Williston Crossings, it was the “off season.” We knew little about the calendar of activities and sense of community that was to come when the snow birds began to arrive. We remember well that first October, the feeling of anticipation and a bit of angst as the number of park residents began to swell. And then that following March; the empty feeling as the departures began.

Though our work schedules haven’t allowed us to be involved in many of the activities of the season, we’ve enjoyed the energy all around us, friends at every site, the sounds of horseshoes striking the posts, neighbors standing in driveways laughing and talking, bicycles making loops around the park, and the camaraderie of neighbors waving to us each evening when we return home from work.

Here at Williston Crossings we have experienced a sense of community that we’ve never known any other place.  It is the place where friends come together for a season, leave for other destinations, and then return to continue old friendships, and make new ones.  It reminds me of a little song that I teach my school children; “make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold.”

That truly is the way we view our experience here at Williston Crossings. We anticipate more beautiful friendships in the years ahead as we come and go into and out of various communities.


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