Williston Crossing – At It’s Best

By Ritchie Hale 2009
from my camper window – a monthly column of Willison Crossings RV Resort Park

At a time in our lives when we desired respite from the hectic pace of our work, a place of solitude at the end of the day, and a place to call home, we discovered the beauty, friendly atmosphere, and relaxed living of Williston Crossings.

The facilities were immaculate, clean, inviting, and beautiful. The grounds were well-manicured, set up to be functional, and kept up. No detail was overlooked; even music in the bath house. There was energy on the campground as campers came and experienced the vision of those who dreamed this place into life through personal sacrifice. Campers bought into those dreams by adding their own energies, and so the work continued. Management made us feel welcome. They had the time to visit with us, attend our functions, participate in, and plan activities. They were our friends and we didn’t feel that we were “putting them out.” There was a “feels-like-family” atmosphere.

The People: My husband and I have camped all our lives. First as children, then with our own children, and now as full-timers. Our vocabulary has changed. We joke about living in our “cramper” We dream of four more feet and an extra pull-out. We discuss rigs, rally’s, holding tanks, towing packages, great parks to visit, newest gadgets for our unit, and who’s doing what, where and why. We share with each other a life-time of wisdom, knowledge and skills learned along the journey of life. We talk about our children and grandchildren. We whittle, quilt, scrapbook, make cards, weave, build, landscape, paint, craft, dance, sing, worship, participate in charities, laugh, love, support each other during cancer treatments, births, deaths, and living. We are diverse in our backgrounds, ideologies, theologies, politics, methods, and manners, but we are community – tight-knit community. Any of us would do anything for any one of us, for any reason if called upon to do so.

Campers come to Williston Crossings; stay a day, a week, a month, or a year. They leave here and go to another park. They join another community. The sit around and visit with each other and have the same conversations. Only this time, they have added knowledge of this great park; Williston Crossings. We’ve not done this yet, but we hear Williston Crossings is discussed as one of the best across the nation. I know it’s the best in our area, and we love it. We want it to continue to be great. We want the efforts and dreams that have already been invested here to live on.

When we see a little boy playing a game of pool with his grandfather in the game room, sharing quality time, laughing together, we are seeing Williston Crossings at its best.

When we walk into the Clubhouse during a Campers on Mission Rally and hear 80 voices singing in harmony, “Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,…” we are hearing Williston Crossings at its best.

When we stand at the top level of the deck on a crisp, breezy morning, listening to the birds as they sing the morning songs of their Creator, seeing the rising sun dance across the water in the quarry below us, we are experiencing the beauty that is Williston Crossings.

When we sit around the campfire in those wonderful rocking chairs, feet propped up on the wall, talking and laughing with friends, we are enjoying Williston Crossings at its best.

When we can come together after a time of being apart, share what is happening in our individual lives, encourage each other, embrace, grow in our own personal lives, and stretch our thinking to new heights, we will have understood Williston Crossings.


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