My Boy

(written to my son, John when he was a little guy,
now to be enjoyed as he watches his own two little guys, Jack and Sam)

   Gooey jelly sandwiches, messy table spreads
Spilled cups of koolaid, rumpled, unmade beds.
Shoes are  under furniture, blocks are in the drawers,
Constant jabbered talking, and endless banging doors.
Toys  in the bathtub , Drawings on the walls,
Muddy footprints in the house,
horses stamping down the halls.
Trucks and bears are in the bed, blankets on the floor,
That’s what little boys are, but oh…they’re so much more.


The “Jesus loves me” often heard from such a little man,
Reminds me in the midst of this….
God must surely have a plan.
From these “very small beginnings” his self esteem will grow,
His love for God and fellow man will someday surely show.


So…when you find his butter sandwich down in the toy box,
And he pours the shampoo you just bought
all over shoes and socks,
And he’s dumped the bowl of “krispees”
and drawn with it a face,
Remember all the precious times that ne’er can be replaced.
I thank you God for my little boy,
He is my pride, he is my joy,
He is a mess, he is a dear –
I thank You, God, You sent him here. 


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