Lessons from “Scamper”

In the hectic pace of life I sometimes wonder how that special time of “being still and knowing God” slips off and eludes me.  I let guilt overwhelm me as I take an afternoon to go sit on a log in the woods and just look around at all the things God has created.  Then after I get past the guilt, I see a little squirrel scamper by, and for a moment I am lost, wondering where he is going, what he might be thinking, and if he has a little family up in a nest high above me.  Then I see him scamper along the ground in search for an acorn, or other little tidbit of food. 

Soon I am reveling in the whole spectacle in front of me, giving him a name- “Scamper”…and that takes my thoughts to our youngest grandson who has a stuffed squirrel.  He named that animal, “Scamper“.  I begin to pray for that little boy Connor, with his vivid imaginations and his little imaginary friends.  I pray that his imaginations will always be under the power and control of the Holy Spirit, according to the verse where Paul admonishes to “cast down imaginations, and every evil thing that exalteth itself against God”.

Then my thoughts go back to a day when I walked through the woods with little granddaughter, Cassidy.  She and I saw a squirrel “scampering” up a tree.  We stood there quietly watching in awe as he stared at us.  In a moment, Cassidy waved at him. The squirrel waved his tail back and forth, all the time, watching Cassidy.  I was awed by the seeming trust built between two small creatures in the forest…what was this I was witnessing?  Cassidy in her quiet little 3-year-old voice, kept saying, “it’s okay little squirrel, we’re your friends…you don’t have to be afraid of us.” 

Sitting on my log in the woods, years later, in a time of first feeling guilt about “being still” – God taught me something valuable.  What started as a guilt session, ended as a prayer, and praise, and worship session.  I came away feeling renewed (in the spirit of my mind), refreshed (as cold waters from a far country), and ready (always to give an answer).  What a wise God who admonishes us to “be still and know that I am God!” 

Wow, I sure have a lot of “to do’s” on my list today…but they are all in perspective, cause I arose early, went outside, walked around – with eyes of wonder.  Beyond the noise of the bulldozer down the street, the hum of traffic on the highway, the ambulance rushing by…a quiet appreciation crept in and I noticed the mist was rising off the ground as the sun filtered its way through the morning haze…, there was a mother Robin feeding three babies in a nest on our pool house wall, and the little dogwood tree I planted had three leaves on it!!! 

God has given me yet another day, and I WILL rejoice and be glad in it!


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