My Girls

My Girls
(written to my daughters)

Tea parties, plastic plates, messy table spreads,
Make-up, Dress-up, Make believe. . .
and rumpled, half-made beds.
Shoes up under furniture, “collections” in the drawers,      
Constant jabbered talking, and endless banging doors.
Dolls in the bathtub, scribbles on the walls,
Girlfriends running through the house,
Pushing strollers down the halls.
Pillows strewn across the room, stuffed toys on the floor,
That’s what little girls are, but oh, they’re so much more.


The songs of joy so often heard, the giggles, and the glee,
Remind  me in the midst of this…God is trusting me
 To teach this daughter all I can, and daily watch her grow,
Knowing there will come a day when I must let her go.


So…when you find her cupcake down in the toy box,
And she spills perfume you just bought all over shoes and socks,
And she’s used your tube of lipstick, and drawn with it a face,
Remember all the precious times that ne’er can be replaced.

I thank you God for my little girl,
 Her radiant smile, her bouncing curl
She is a mess, she is dear,
 I thank you God, You sent her here.

 Ritchie D. Hale


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  2. Love it!


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