Time Out

By Ritchie Hale 2010
from my camper window – a monthly column of Willison Crossings RV Resort Park

     Today as I have enjoyed the beauty and tranquility of the early morning sounds and images here at Williston Crossings, I once again am reminded of why I love to camp.  It is quiet, the birds are singing, the squirrels are scampering up and down the trees, and the sky is beginning to take on the wonderful changes of color as a new day approaches. I am here by choice.  “Home is where I park my camper”, and I’ve chosen to park it here.

     Sometimes I get so caught up and busy with living that I forget to truly live.  Even here at Williston Crossings, one must make choices about how to structure that living.  We often forget that we’ve come to this particular place because it offers us a variety of choices about the nature of our surroundings.

     Do you remember when you were red-faced, sweaty, and gasping for every breath, and calling,  “time out” from a game of “Tag?”  The game came to a halt until you caught your breath and called for “Time in.”  Now that we are adults we don’t have much time for a carefree game of “Tag,” but “Time out” is still vital to our survival in the more serious game of life.  The need is not a new phenomenon of the hectic twenty-first century.  In her 1860 poem, “Rock me to Sleep,” Elizabeth Allen expressed the sentiment perfectly.  “Turn backward, turn backward oh time in thy flight, make me a child again just for tonight.”

     How long since we went walking in a rainstorm? I’m talking, walking in the rain, on purpose, getting wet from head to toe, lifting our faces toward the downpour and laughing at the sky as it empties its contents upon our dry thirsty soul.

     When was the last time you discovered an anthill and took the time to observe the parade of workers as they carried food and fuel to their homes?

     When did you last go bowling (not on a league), or feed the birds (not in a bird watching club), or take a fifteen minute leisurely walk (not an aerobic workout), a walk strictly for the purpose of discovering what was in the world around you each day?

     How long since you sat in a swing and went up in the air and down? (Robert Louis Stephenson) When was your last game of hide and seek, or catching lightning bugs?  Children shouldn’t have a monopoly on living life with zest.  We are old enough to know the world holds real heartaches and that life can be difficult.  Somehow with all that maturity, knowledge, and the quest for making a living, we have almost forgotten how to make a life.  Vance Havner, an old-time preacher said, “We’ve spent a lot of time learning how to lengthen life, but not much in learning how to deepen it.”

     How about it?  Don’t you think you’re long overdue for a “time out?”  Turn the clock backward, put on your childhood investigative senses, and triumphantly exit adulthood into the wonderful world of childhood revisited–the discovery zone.  Stop and truly see the three squirrels as they play tag up and down a tree trunk.

     Notice that perfect “climber tree” at the edge of the parking lot and allow your memory to call you back to the time in your childhood when you perched high above the earth, swaying to the rhythm of the breeze.  Breathe that fresh crisp air just as tiny little raindrops begin to tap-dance on the pavement.  Your lust for life and your joy in being alive will be heightened so profoundly that the strange looks of the trapped masses all around you will go unnoticed, because for just this moment, you have called “time out.”


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Ron Barrow on July 12, 2011 at 9:17 am

    This is the first of your writings I have read. It was very nice and I plan on reading more.

    Ron Barrow


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