Writing Lessons

Today I saw a beautiful car.  Someone told me it was a Lamborghini.  I had an instant flashback of an incident that happened in my classroom many years ago.  A welcomed quietness  had settled over my first  grade classroom as the children worked on their creative writing assignment.   The only sounds were those of an occassional over-dotted “i” or those made when someone tried to erase a mistake and ripped the paper.
As I was sitting at my desk I noticed one of the students raise her hand.
“Yes, Miranda.”
“Teacher, how do you spell Lamborghini ?”
I searched my memory bank quickly and could think of no word she was mistakenly mispronouncing.  Since I couldn’t figure it out I decided to let her give me some clue as to what she was talking about.
“Miranda, what is a Lamborghini ?”
Just then an amazing thing happened. As if on  cue from a rehearsed script, every head instantly came up and with one voice the children chidingly said to me,  “it’s a car !”
Not being one who keeps up with names of cars beyond Ford, Chevy, or Buick, I was a bit mistified about which cave I had  just crawled out from.
To cover the rather awkward moments of incredulous  stares, I asked the children to please get back to  work.  With much sighing and sounds of disbelief they reluctantly returned to their assignment.
A few moments later, just when I thought the incident had been forgotten, I saw Miranda lean over to her neighbor and heard her whisper a bit too loudly, “and she’s supposed to be the TEACHER !”
Aren’t kids just great!!!!!


One response to this post.

  1. Awesome Mom!!!!! You’ve been busy and you’re figuring it out!!! Love it!


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