Wooded Shore

MY WOODED SHORE…1969, On many Saturday mornings, I took my manual Royal Typewriter to the woods along the coastline of Cape Florida.  It was just one of many beautiful beaches that I enjoyed visiting. There was an old burned out and decaying lighthouse, and hundreds of pine trees along the shore.  It was a perfect place for me to get away from the concrete jungle of Miami and to discover the solitude that I so desperately needed.  That love for the beach, the waves, the majesty of the sea, has never wavered.  It is in those isolated places around the world that I feel most at peace.  Time marched on and the Cape Florida Park became Bill Baggs State Park.  The pines are gone after a hurricane.  The lighthouse has been restored, and now there are fences, gates, and tours.  (No one asked me if I wanted “progress” to change my wooded shore.) Though I have no picture of that particular “Wooded Shore”, this picture I took while visiting Kauai a few years ago, is a wonderful reminder of my original Wooded Shore.

Wooded Shore

 Silence in my quiet domain, with only sounds of wind and rain,
Making it a place of peace, City sounds have strangely ceased.

The pines towering high above my head with fallen needles as my bed,
A place of worship changed to be, in these my woods beside the sea. 

I pause to think, to dwell awhile, Looking upward, compelled to smile,
For this great place of solitude, God gave to me this awesome mood.

How great a God, my God must be, to bring such total calm to me.
To leave behind the ocean roar, to leave the peace of wooded shore,

To see no more the glistening sand, I lift to heaven my out-stretched hand, 

I’ll always thank the Lord for this, the chance to know such perfect bliss,
To know my Father cares so much, that I can sense His every touch. 

Going back into the world, Where Satan’s every dart is hurled,
I’ll remember this, my quiet domain, and know always, God doth remain. 

Ritchie Oldham Hale © May 2, 1969


One response to this post.

  1. This is my all time favorite of all your pieces Mom!!!! i love it and often find myself singing the first four lines!!!


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