Obeying Grandma

       As she sat on the chair at the dining room table, the top of two year old Deanna’s bouncy, red, “dog-ears” could just barely be seen.  She was reaching her arms as high as possible up onto the table, trying to draw pictures and “wite things”.

       Her grandma Lena, seeing her dilemma, suggested she write on her knees so she would be tall enough.

       Ten minutes later a surprised grandma scooped up that little red-haired bundle of energy only to discover that from mid-thigh to below her knees Deanna was covered with blue ink scribbles.

       “Deanna”, grandma exclaimed, “what have you done?”

        Deanna very sweetly answered her grandma without the slightest trace of guilt, “I wited on my knees just like you said.”


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