Magic Dust

October 1995 

     I hurt. Bed had been my habitat now for the past 2 weeks.  To move, to cough, to sneeze, to breathe too deeply, put so much stress on my herniated disk that the pain was unbearable.  It was raining.  It had rained for most of the past 6 days.  It was dreary.   Four weeks ago my mother had been out walking.  She was struck by an on-coming car, and her life ended a few hours later.  Tonight, I was hurting more intensely physically, emotionally, and spiritually than ever in my life.  I wept silently alone in my bed.  I couldn’t sleep because all the pain was too much.  My soul ached.  My heart ached! 

      My husband came into the room to be of comfort, but there was nothing he could do but pray.  After kneeling beside my bed and pouring out his heart to our loving heavenly Father, he left the room.  The pain was no less intense, so I prayed for death.

      Then God, who loves His children said, “Dear child, I’m here, How can I help?”  With a timidity and hesitancy I had never known before, with a releasing of my own willful pride, and an understanding that there was nothing that anyone in the world could do to lift this pain, I spoke aloud; “Father, Abba, Daddy…this is the relationship you have promised to me your child.  You have said that you would send the Holy Spirit to be the Comforter.  I am hurting so intensely tonight.  I don’t know exactly how you do it…maybe it’s a bit of magic dust you sprinkle upon your children when they reach the end of themselves…however You do it, please right now, send the Comforter. In Jesus name, amen”.

     There in that dark room, in that dark hour, God gave me peace.  I awoke the next morning and was able to get up from the bed with no pain.  I had a song in my heart and suddenly realized that I was singing aloud the praises of God. The Comforter had come.

     I had known God the Creator since I was old enough to explore the world. I had know Jesus, the Savior, since my mother led me to accept Him when I was 7 years old.  Now I truly for the first time knew the Holy Spirit, the Comforter.


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