Cold Waters for Thirsty Souls

Proverbs 25:25  “As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country.”

     Just the other day my husband and I sat at our campsite – quietly – meditatiing on all the sounds of the forest around us.  There were many – and yet our hearts did not hear the one sound we longed for most – laughter, and the sounds of friendly conversation.  It has been a quiet time for both of us.  We each go to our jobs where there is laughter with the children and the teachers- but the evenings are very quiet.  God heard the desires of our hearts and on Friday evening, life-long friends of my husband came to our campground for the weekend.  These friends share most of their life history with each other.  There were elementary school memories, boy scouts, youth trips at church, shared stories of favorite (and not so favorite) teachers through the years.  All the families going on camping trips together, and the antics and of their youth made for delightful conversation.  The four of us went out to eat together, visited in each others’ “home-on-wheels”, and then spent the next day walking across Paines Prairie discovering how it felt to be up close and personal with about 20 bison, an active gator, a couple of garden snakes, and a few wild prairie horses.  The laughter was contagious, abundant, and wonderful.  We capped off the evening with a cook-out and then hours of Rook ( I think the girls won) but who was really keeping score!  As the week-end drew to a conclusion, we shared a circle of prayer and all left the weekend behind with a refreshment in our hearts.  Truly, this has been like cold refreshing waters to our thirsty souls.

     As I reflect upon the simplicity of this verse, I wonder who in my circle of influence might need a drink of refreshing water.  Perhaps just a smile, a shared laugh, or an encouraging hug is what is needed.  Maybe it’s time I write a short note, send a card, or cook up a batch of cookies.  I’m sure there is someone who, like me, is thirsty for cold waters for their thristy soul.


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